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Where do all the young movie stars live? Young Hollywood actors live on the Movie Star Maps. Movie stars have lived in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, and Hollywood since talking pictures became famous. Now, for the first time you can get the original, complete, up to date Movie Star Map for you and the ones you love.
Other Movie star maps usually show all the addresses of old and forgotten hollywood.
This Movie Star Map is different.
This Original Movie Star Map sold here on gives you young hollywood, famous actors home addresses, actor owned restaurants, and the clubs visited by young Hollywood.
The Movie Star Maps is the star map that gives you the home addresses of popular young stars. The stars from your favorite movies, the actors with stories in your favorite magazine's, the new movie stars starring in the TV shows you watched last night. If the celebrities are new and popular we will have them for you on the movie star map.

Where can you get a Movie Star Map? You can get the original updated Star Map and all of the original Movie Star Maps information here on
Our Movie Star Maps are the only completely original updated Movie Star Map. The Star Map from is completely updated every 90 days with all new names and new hot restaurants and clubs.
We have the addresses and history on the restaurants owned by some of your favorite stars. Many movie stars own restaurants and the Movie Star Maps has the hot ones on the map.
The Star Map's job is to give you the history and background on each of these Star owned restaurants.
We have rounded up some of the restaurants owned by some of the hottest stars of today.
Buy a map and it will lead you to and discribe Ashton Kutcher restaurant, Robert DeNiro's restaurant, Eva Longoria's restaurant even Adam Carolla's restaurant.
The Movie Star Maps knows where these restaurants are and who owns them so you can visit the movie star owned restaurants and maybe see a star.

Only our Movie Star Map will give you directions and history to some of the famous filming locations in Los Angeles. Only on the Movie Star Maps do you get the directions to the Pretty woman's balcony, the Happy Day's House, the house from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air or Beverly Hills Cop. On the Movie Star Homes Map you will find the filming locations of all your favorite movie and tv shows and where they shot some of your favorite movie scenes.

The Movie Star Map gives you everything you need to have a great day in L.A.
The Star Map will give you directions and history on some of L.A and Beverly Hills great tourist attractions so you won't miss anything Los Angeles has to offer.

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